Board Certification

  • Family Physician


Dr. Yoon is board certified in Family Medicine in both US and South Korea, and has decades of experience in healthcare and public health. He served as an associate professor at Korea University College of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea, and Director of the Family Medicine Department at Korea University Ansan Hospital before coming to the US. Dr. Yoon is a strong advocate for Public Health and received master’s degrees at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health during his research year and published numerous papers on patient presenting patterns after a large disaster, the importance of education for healthcare forces, and the biomedical and societal impact of chronic diseases. Before joining Burke Family Practice, Dr. Yoon finished his US Family Medicine training at Centra Lynchburg Family Medicine Residency, which awarded Dr. Yoon for his excellent Quality Improvement project. Dr. Yoon is interested in modeling primary care physicians’ role in the community, especially during this challenging COVID-19 era. Dr. Yoon always puts the best interest of his patient as his top priority. Dr. Yoon accepts new patients at Burke Family Practice for management of chronic disease as well as Preventive care for all ages.

Dr. Yoon is an avid sportsman and has led a mountain unicycle club in Seoul, South Korea. After breaking his arm twice during a wheel ride on his unicycle on a mountain hill, Dr. Yoon now has transitioned to less injury-prone sports, including hiking and hunting. He is also an aviation enthusiast and enjoys spotting airplanes around Dulles International Airport and Reagan National Airport with his wife after his two sons’ departure from their nest.